Leadership for the Digital Age

New Paradigms for Digital Times

The digital age establishes a new paradigm for business. Speed Leadership establishes a new paradigm for leadership.
Process View

For over 100 years, the view of leadership has been behavioral. Speed Leadership takes a process view of leadership.

15 Leadership Processes

Most of what leaders do is defined by 15 recurring leadership processes. Improve the processes to improve leadership!

From Art to Science

Speed Leadership moves leadership forward from behaviors and personality to processes and cause-and-effect.

Big Problems Solved

Speed Leadership solves long-standing problems to greatly improve leadership and business performance.

Speed Leadership is an Twelve-Part Leadership Development Program that Improves Upon the Successful Hands-On Workshop Format. Select One Part or all Twelve Parts. The Choice is Yours.

About Speed Leadership

Innovations in Business Require Innovations in Leadership
A better way to lead.

Digital transformation requires a fresh look at leadership. The 100-year old behavioral approach to leadership development must be augmented with a new, re-imagined approach to leadership development. Just as the digital age establishes a new paradigm for business, it also establishes a new paradigm for leadership. Speed Leadership is a breakthrough in understanding leadership and how to improve leadership thinking, skills, and capabilities for greater effectiveness in the 21st century. Speed Leadership is a new design for leadership that fits with your current way of doing business. Try Speed Leadership.

  • Practical
  • Specific
  • Actionable
  • Measurable

Leadership Must Evolve

Rapidly Changing Times Demand a New Approach to Leadership

In today’s fast-paced business world, leaders demand simplicity and effectiveness.

Digital transformation requires a fresh look at leadership. The great differentiator is the speed and precision of leadership decision-making.

Speed Leadership

Simple • Practical • Customizable
Bob Emiliani
Bob Emiliani
Leadership Innovator
Bob is the creator of Speed Leadership. He has extensive experience in industry and academia.


Speed Leadership helps you do what you do better. Much Better.

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