Origin of Speed Leadership

In 2012, I began to recognize leadership as processes. That, in turn, led me to ask a simple question: “When I worked as a leader in industry, what processes did I engage in?” That simple question led to a completely new understanding of leadership.

I identified 15 leadership process. Understanding that, I could now identify the specific errors that occur in each one of the 15 processes. Knowing the errors means that their source can be identified and eliminated, thereby improving leadership.

I could now do something that had never been done before: Improve leadership in a tangible, specific, and scientific way, rather than the usual behavioral or leadership competency model approaches. Speed Leadership is a true breakthrough because it transforms leadership from art to science!

This is a critically important advancement in the understanding and practice of leadership.

All leaders make errors. Their effect is to distract employees and take their eyes off of challenges that the business faces and what their customers want. The distractions cause employees to be less motivated to create and improve. Employees are frustrated with their leaders and leaders are frustrated employees.

As a leader, you cannot let that happen!

Employees want great, error-free leadership, not only so they can focus on their work and be more effective team members, but because it informs them that their leaders respect them. That, in turn, unlocks employee enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation.

Think of leadership as a high-quality, error-free service provided to employees.

Speed Leadership is a fresh new beginning to the understanding and practice of leadership for the digital age.