ROI of Speed Leadership

What has been the ROI of the leadership development programs that your company has used? Most likely, the ROI has been negative, not positive, because you invested far more money than you got out of it in terms of benefits.

This is almost always the case. Why? Because the leadership programs have all been based on the same basic design: Leadership Behaviors. And the variations on that theme that you tried over the years have likely proven to yield little tangible improvement in leadership and even less in the way of business results.

So, try something new: Speed Leadership

Speed Leadership is based on a new design: Time, Information, and Information Flow.

Try looking at it this way…

What is the ROI of a motorcycle safety course? The point of a motorcycle safety course is to teach new riders how avoid crashes. Crashes hurt the rider and it hurts their family. If crashes are avoided, then the ROI of the motorcycle safety course is positive.

When leaders crash, they hurt themselves, their team, and the company. But, there is no leadership safety course – until now.

Think of Speed Leadership as a leadership safety program, one that is far better at teaching leaders how to avoid crashes than the behavioral approach to leadership.

So, what is the ROI of Speed Leadership?

When leaders avoid crashes, the ROI will surely be positive.