The Workshops

Digital transformation requires a fresh look at leadership. The 100-year old behavioral approach to leadership development must be augmented with a new, re-imagined approach to leadership development.

Just as the digital age establishes a new paradigm for business, it also establishes a new paradigm for leadership.

Speed Leadership is a breakthrough in understanding leadership and how to improve leadership thinking, skills, and capabilities for greater effectiveness in the 21st century.

Speed Leadership is a eleven-part leadership development program that improves upon the successful workshop format, and creates a more dynamic and exciting experience. Select one workshop or all eleven. The choice is yours. Mix and match the workshops to meet individual leader’s and business needs.

The workshop is 99% hands on and only 1% lecture. Participants complete each workshop in the program and leave with specific, practical, and actionable pathways for meaningful improvement.

The workshops are for leaders at all levels in an organization, from supervisor to CEO, and especially for new hires in leadership development programs.

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