Think About It…

Is it a good thing when:

  1. Brain2The word “leadership” means different things to different people?
  2. There are hundreds of different definitions of leadership?
  3. Leadership is defined from the leader’s perspective and ignores the follower’s perspective?
  4. Leaders are over-committed and struggle to do the job they want to do?
  5. People are blamed for poor leadership?
  6. Poor leadership harms both business health and human health?
  7. Leaders are overloaded and spend too much time firefighting?
  8. Leaders have difficulty responding to rapidly changing times?
  9. Leaders struggle to meet the expectations of employees and other stakeholders?
  10. Employees are unhappy with their leaders?

Digital transformation requires a fresh look at leadership. The 100-year old behavioral approach to leadership development must be augmented with a new, re-imagined approach to leadership development.

Speed Leadership corrects these 10 problems and more.