V1-V5 Workshop in Italy

sl_workshopThe V1-V5 Speed Leadership Workshop was held in Milan, Italy, in association with Heiko Xplore.

The workshop participants were comprised of leaders from a variety of industries and included several entrepreneurs seeking to learn new ways to lead their organization into the future. The entrepreneurs, in particular, recognize they cannot endure repetitive problems and the chaos and complexity of traditional leadership. They know they need to evolve and improve. Instead of destroying employees’ new ideas, they want to lead in a better way so that new ideas are continuously generated.

Massimo Torinesi gave a wonderful introduction to the workshop in which the described why the models and methods of leadership used for the last 100 years no longer apply. He compared them to using strategies and tactics of a bygone era that are wrong for the times that we now work in. Instead, Speed Leadership is the next step in the evolution in leadership thinking, skills, and capabilities for the digital age.

Participants recognized the workshop as deeply practical, which they said was unusual. And, it was impactful because they had never considered a process view of leadership, nor did they recognize how common it was for leaders to make errors and how the errors affect followers. They were also impressed by how the workshop deconstructed and simplified leadership – an otherwise abstract concept – and how the methods for improvement that were simple to understand and implement.

Massimo gave a wonderful closing talk with fantastic illustrations that had a great emotional impact on everyone and which will be long-remembered. The workshop was a success, but like any activity, we came away with dozens of ideas for improvement, as well as much useful feedback from workshop participants.

If you are located in Europe and interested the Speed Leadership Workshops, please contact Massimo Torinesi and we will arrange to deliver it at your company or at an offsite location near you.

If you are located in North America, please contact Bob Emiliani.