Speed Leadership is Unique

Here are some of the unique features of Speed Leadership:

  • Focus is on simplification of leadership and leadership practice
  • Design basis: time, information, and information flow (vs. behaviors)
  • Independent of any particular management practice or ideology
  • Independent of any type of company or industry
  • Makes leadership accessible to more people
  • Intent is to help you do, whatever you do, better

And unique features of the Speed Leadership workshops:

  • Variety and choice: A dozen workshops to choose from, mix and match to suit individual and business needs
  • Virtually no lecture; working instead of listening
  • No theory
  • Focus is active learning: problem-solving and creating
  • Challenging hands-on activities based on actual leadership problems
  • Team and individual workshops
  • Practical, specific, and actionable
  • Higher order learning for greater retention and application
  • Non-judgmental
  • Low cost

Leadership development re-imagined.