Leadership For
The Digital Age.

Speed Leadership helps you do what you do better. Much Better.

What is Speed Leadership?

Speed Leadership is a bold new way to understand and improve leadership in the digital era. It looks at leadership from a process, rather than behavioral, perspective. Viewing leadership as processes allows age-old problems to finally be solved. Speed Leadership is a simple way to improve leadership without the pain of business or personal transformation. Give it a try!

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Speed Leadership For The Digital Age

“Looking at leadership from a process perspective rather than a behavioral perspective is brilliant.”

- Ovidiu Contras, Bombardier

“Bob’s insight about treating leadership as a process is a breakthrough in leadership thinking.”

- Dan Latham, Amgen

Speed Dial - Speed Leadership

Process View

For over 100 years, the view of leadership has been behavioral. Speed Leadership takes a process view of leadership.

15 - Speed Leadership

Leadership Process

Most of what leaders do is defined by 15 recurring leadership processes. Improve processes to improve leadership!

Lab Beaker - Speed Leadership

From Art To Science

Speed Leadership moves leadership forward from behaviors and personality to processes and cause-and-effect.

Checkmark - Speed Leadership

Big Problems Solved

Speed Leadership solves long-standing problems to greatly improve leadership and business performance.

A Better Way To Lead.

Digital transformation requires a fresh look at leadership. The new differentiator is the speed and quality of leadership decision-making in business. Speed Leadership is a breakthrough in understanding leadership and how to improve leadership thinking, skills, and capabilities for greater effectiveness in the 21st century. It is a new design for leadership that fits with your current way of doing business. Try Speed Leadership!

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“I knew immediately that Speed Leadership was practical and that we could actually put it onto use.”

- Joseph Adams

“Unlike Lean, which replaces everything, Speed Leadership helps us do what we do better.”

- Susan Lathrop